"Absolutely the most beneficial day of my fly fishing casting process.  The combo of great knowledge and fabulous food is the optimo of a fly casting school.  Thank you".
  Dennis C., Mobile, AL

"It was fantastic last year, unbelievable this year.  The food, hospitality and instruction cannot be better.  We even caught fish from the pond..." I hope to be able to bring my wife here to experience your home and surroundings."
Spence B., Ocean Springs, MS

“Thank you very much for sharing your time, knowledge and experience with me. It has been a great deal of help to me”.
Rich, Dallas, TX

“It was super and the hospitality awesome. I look forward to coming back again”.
Cecil Guidry

“Thank you for an enjoyable and informative and especially helpful day of instruction. I feel very confident my casting will improve after today as a result of your efforts. I would recommend your class to any level of fly caster”.
Ron Chestnut

“Your hospitality was appreciated. Thanks to Mrs. Richard , Mr. Bob and Mr. Jay. They did a great job”.
Ron F.

“These pros put on a very professional and educational camp that was well worth the value. My confidence in my fly casting ability has been elevated greatly. We are lucky to have such a world class fly casting instructional format right in our midst. Because of the knowledge gained from this camp, I now thoroughly understand the mechanics of fly casting better and, in turn, feel like I am a better fisherman”.
David Luquette

"Just a note to say WOW!
The warm hospitality I enjoyed on Saturday , plus the relaxed pace of the lecture and practice sessions, made for a perfect day.
I will be in touch soon to register for the advanced class and to arrange for a private session or two.
You and Deb are a wonderful team...
Thanks so much!!!"
B. G.

"Very well run class.  I'm by no means a beginning caster but it was very helpful nonetheless.  I would recommend any caster to go back to basics at least once.  You and Syd diagnosed some of my little errors. I was able to work on them on very basic short pick up and drop casts.  A small error corrected on basic casts is a lot easier to work on than when doing longer more difficult casts. I think sometimes we, as more "advanced" casters, lose sight of the fact that everything is built on basic foundations.  I think also that attending your basic class brings casters back to casting for the fun of it.  It's a lot more satisfying to make a pretty, physically efficient, and technically sound 40' cast than an ugly 50' cast.  I could go on and on."