Fly Fishers International 2020 Mel Kiefer award in recognition of significant contributions to the FFI Casting Instructor Cert. Program and dedication to fly casting instruction while sharing their knowledge with others.

Fly Fisher's International Awards

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After 11 years as a surgeon in the Army Medical Corps, I began my surgical practice in Virginia. The daily stress of such a practice was intense. The “medicine” I took to relieve this stress took no prescription. Fly Fishing the streams and lakes of VA was my cure. It brought me total relaxation in the
beauty and peace of the great outdoors.

Palmintier, MD LTC., U.S. Army Medical Corps Honorable Discharge

I am never more relaxed than when I have a fly rod in hand.  Through fly fishing, I seek peace, calmness, and serenity.  Catching a fish is a bonus.

W. Gannon, Maj., U.S. Army Disabled

Two tours in Viet Nam flying a gunship and commanding combat assaults, I yearned for stress relief.  Playing in the Superbowl or putting in the Masters is chump change compared to combat.  I prayed to God if I survived it all, all I wanted to do was to go home and fish Sugar Creek.  I did.  I, also, was competitive at that.  I now fly fish.  You just HAVE to do it. I love the fact that catch or not, I don’t have a care.  No matter how long you are away from combat, you still think about it every day.  When fly fishing, I have not a care in the world and realize just how lucky we survivors all are.

W. Padget, Capt. U.S. Army