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  • I do the group sessions on a PRN as needed basis when a group contacts me. Individual lessons are done on an as-needed basis as well.

    Keith Richard
  • How have you’ll been. When is you next teaching class?

    Fr. Richard Dale Broussard
  • Website is awesome! I wish that this information was available when I stated fly fishing. It would have prevented years of mistakes. The video on how to get unhooked really works. I always used a roll cast to try and get unhooked from a limb, but I did not understand why it worked sometimes and not other times.

    Pete Sturgis
  • Yes I do lesson 7 days a week at our 3-acre pond in Breaux Bridge. Contact me at 337-344-0908 or email me at K for specifics

  • Do you conduct casting lessons/classes at the camp at Breux Bridge? If so, please send me information.

    Daniel Randolph

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